We are committed to shaping the future of safety

DuraMax products are known for long-lasting durability and reliable performance

Our main manufacturing goal at DuraMax is avoiding production errors. In this way, we prevent potential defects that could be both dangerous and costly.
Our focus on innovation, research and quality testing ensure that those using our brake products, as well as everyone else on the road, stays safe.

At DuraMax, we constantly manage our processes, materials, and employees in a manner that reduces overall environmental impact.
Working in a way that respects the environment brings a higher level of safety to everyone


Every year DuraMax budgets over million dollars for new product development/improvement and thorough testing.
All design and testing work is done in fully-equipped state-of-the-art test labs using automated production processes.

Our labs are run by trained engineers with an average of 15 years brake experience.

DuraMax engineers work with 3D modeling engineering tools, simulation programs, and structural mechanics analysis systems to complete the innovation process.
Currently Duramax is expanding its innovation efforts to include special products designed to meet U.S. military specifications, as well as systems intended for use in severe environments


Manufacturing a product as sensitive as vehicle brake parts requires constant vigilance to eliminate production errors.
At DuraMax, we employ many quality assurance practices that ensure our brake products are built without flaws.

Like any product manufacturing company, our process begins with Research and Development.
Our highly-trained engineers use state-of-the-art equipment to design all the parts included in our brake components.
Manufacturing involves robotic machinery that can maintain the precision needed to guarantee we meet our safety standards.

The end process includes uncompromising Testing and Quality Control.