Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.
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1How do I know if I have an account with Duramax?
Our customer service representative can determine if you have an account set up with us. Please contact 1-877-852-3373 ext. 902 or email us at customerservice@duraxmax.com.
2How do I open an account with Duramax?
For OEM customer, please email your request to oemsales@duraxmax.com For Aftermarket customer,
please email your request to afsales@duraxmax.com And for all oversea customer, please email your request to info@duraxmax.com
3How do I track my order?
You can visit us at www.duraxmax.com and log in to your account. You can find order information, order history and tracking information there.
4How do I return my order?
click RMA Form to fill out the authorization form. If you have any question on how to fill out the RMA form please contact 1-877-852-3373 or email your question to customerservice@duraxmax.com. All the line needs to be filled out completely to prevent delaying the process.
5When does my warranty start?
Warranty is effective from the date of product manufactured. You can locate product manufacture date on the back of your product along with part numbers. If you have question whether your product have warranty, please email your part number to customerservice@duraxmax.com